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Tested Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel Subscribers in 2019
19 March 2019

Tested Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel Subscribers in 2019



YouTube is now a place to learn new things that dominate your niche and find solutions to your problems. A big percentage of online marketers & newbies visit YouTube daily for enhancing their knowledge and skills. If you too are an aspiring marketer and want to promote your products or services, you must use YouTube as a platform to reach out to a widely scattered audience.

To boost your sales, you need to drive more subscribers to your videos. Here, you can find important guidelines on how to boost views and subscribers to your YouTube videos.



Optimize Your YouTube Channel

You must optimize your YouTube channel by adding social channels, creating a good channel icon, setting an attractive banner image, channel description, and if possible a channel trailer.


Use SEO Strategies in Heading and Description

You must ensure your videos appear in Google and YouTube Search lists, so people watch them and get glued to it. It’s only possible with the help of SEO Strategies. You must include the main keywords in the Heading and long tail keywords in the Description to achieve desired objectives.


Thumbnail Should be a custom Image

Along with the heading, the audience directly looks at the Thumbnail of the video. If they find it clearly visible and related to what they want to see, they will open the video and your objective will be achieved. It is suggested that instead of using an auto-generated thumbnail, you must always use a custom image designed with clearly visible text to ensure best results.


Transform Viewers into Subscribers

People who watched your video can also become future viewers. All you need to do is to convert them from random viewers into lifetime subscribers. To motivate them to subscribe to your channel, you must add a call-to-action button asking to subscribe, as discussed above.


Check What People Want to See

At the end of your video, you can ask the audience what they want to see in the next video. It will help you find out interesting topics for creating the next video and will also get them connected to your brand.


Keep a YouTube Playlist

Auto-play performs a very significant role in YouTube marketing. To keep your viewer busy watching your video, you have to create a playlist and enable the auto-play. If your video content is interesting, they will keep watching the videos.


Watermark, Cards and End Screen are Useful

If you want to switch the viewer to another video you can use cards, end screen and watermark in your videos. Watermark appears in the video for whole time in the very right corner. Cards appear during the video like a pop-up and end screen appear only at the end of the video.



Don’t Create content for Everyone

If you want your audience to get hooked to your channel, you should not create videos for satisfying different groups of people. The niche of your channel must be static and specific. It will help you build a loyal audience for your videos.


Get Engaged with Your Customers

To establish your channel as a trustworthy professional in your niche, you must work as a brand. You need to maintain a relationship with your audience by replying to them. You must answer every question they ask in the comment section.


Spread Your Video Socially

You can spread your content on various platforms where you find topics similar to your niche. The platforms are Quora, Reddit, bookmarking sites like Pinterest, StumbleUpon etc.



Getting lots of views and subscribers is a time taking process. You can’t get instant views on your videos. With the help of the above-explained guidelines, we hope you’ll see some improvement & your videos start getting more views. But please keep in mind, these strategies will be useful only if you create quality content that matches the needs of the audience.



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