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8 Useful YouTube Tips for Every Marketer
19 March 2019

8 Useful YouTube Tips for Every Marketer


YouTube is absolutely the finest spot to host your videos & as per Alexa, it’s the second most trafficked site among all social media platforms.

But getting ranked on the front page of YouTube is not that easy. You have to play a few SEO friendly tricks to make it possible. To improve the rank of your videos on YouTube, you need to optimize them with the help of these proven and tested tips & tricks.


  1. Choose a Keyword-Based Catchy Headline

SEO is of prime importance while choosing a headline. Make sure the headline explains the essence of the complete video in limited words. The headline should at least cover the main targeted keyword and should end under 55 Characters. Never use headlines that mislead the audience, as this strategy will get you out of the game for sure.


  1. Description Should be SEO Based

Before writing the description, collect every important keyword and use them accordingly in the description box of your YouTube Video. It will make your video appear in the top search results of YouTube. The description should be quite precise and contain only the basic introduction of the video. If you have a website, put the link there in the description itself.


  1. Video Should be Short and Qualitative

The golden rule of YouTube marketing is that make your video short but full of quality. The video should not be more than three minutes long because the video marketing is directly related to the video length, as we have seen earlier.


  1. Must Provide Solution and Knowledge

Your video must solve the problem of your audience and must contain highly educational content, rather than stretching over a topic for extended time duration. It helps to attract more viewers and subscribers.


  1. Use Long Tail Keywords in Description

To enter the top results in Google and YouTube, it is impossible to stuff every popular keyword in Title/Headline. Instead, you can use long tail keywords that contain main keywords along with a longer phrase in the description. By using long tail keywords, your video will rank not only for the main keyword but also for a few simple search terms.


  1. Use Attractive Thumbnail

Same as the headline, the thumbnail also plays a crucial role in engaging the audience to your video. You must choose or design the thumbnail by keeping in mind that it must speak for the content you have shown in the video. Make sure, you use high-resolution images as they are a very important factor to keep viewers connected in the long-run.


  1. Engaging Call-To-Action is a Must

After watching your video, you want your customer to take actions i.e. like, subscribe & share the channel or download the app etc. An amazing call-to-action phrase will do it for you. It will encourage them to take action, and that’s ultimately what you’re looking for, right?


  1. Social Sharing Must be Done

Content, whether text or video, is of no use if you don’t share it to the right places. Sharing is important if you want your content to be watched by more people. You can share your video on top social media channels and various online communities like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Quora, Redditt etc.


Getting your videos to YouTube’s front page is a hard-hitting task. But, with the help of the above-mentioned tips, you can easily go on with the process and drive better results in less time.


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